Marginal Universe: Works by Giovanni Valderas
Through July 1, 2023

Marginal Universe focuses on Valderas’ diverse body of work spanning from 2011 through 2023. These works range from his earlier paper collage pieces to his current sculptural paintings containing elements of wood, duct tape, bamboo, paper-mâché, and tissue paper, referencing traditional pinata objects. In addition, the exhibit shows the progression from his earlier, more anecdotal works about family to the guerrilla outdoor sculptures calling attention to social justice issues in Dallas, such as affordable housing and displacement. Valderas also includes work reflecting his grassroots campaign for Dallas City Council, where he placed a strong second. Valderas’ run for office as an artist was a rewarding experience and an insightful understanding of how power structures congeal and perpetuate constructs that dismiss and devalue marginalized people. In return, Valderas utilizes his practice to address oppressive beliefs and actions considered norms and standards. Most notably, with his Casita Triste (Sad Little House) project, he continues to put forth public discussion on the lack of affordable housing. Last year, in collaboration with Craft in America Center (Los Angeles), he worked with eighty LAUSD students, empowering them to create and place their casitas in their neighborhoods. As a result, these objects of craft become public interruptions and advocacy tools.

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MariconX Pride Show
July 17-August 17 2023

From vivid expressions of love and identity to poignant reflections on societal issues and struggles, Queer Art is a celebration of the diversity, complexity, and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community. The exhibition invites viewers to explore and engage with queer art, to challenge their perspectives and expand their understanding of what it means to be queer in today’s society.




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