Summer Camp Call For Arts Educators

We are looking for artist/educators interested in being part of our three-week summer program. Our theme this year is Mi tierra (Our Earth) It’s a theme that invites participants to connect with the natural world, explore sustainability practices, and celebrate cultural heritage. Through this theme, we’re encouraging a deeper understanding of our planet, its ecosystems and the importance of preserving it for future generations. Mi tierra also celebrates cultural diversity. Encourage participants to explore how different cultures honor the Earth. This might involve storytelling, traditional songs, or rituals related to nature.

Commitment will be 1.5 hours a day from June 10th-June 28th between 9 am-4 pm. If interested or have any questions, contact

Payment will range from $800-$1,000/week. This includes artist fee, supply fee (depending on artist’s/educator’s needs.)

Submit proposals no later than April 20th, 2024.