“Texas Before The Alamo” Film will be premiered at Latino Cultural Center

Texas Before The Alamo” Film will be premiered at Latino Cultural Center in Dallas, Texas | 2600 Live Oak St. near the downtown area. It is presented by HOGAR, Casa Guanajuato, Holmes-Millet Advertising, Sul Ross State University|Center for Big Bend Studies and Millet Films LLC with presentations by Allen Morris, Trustee for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. This will also include HOGAR, Casa Guanajuato and important Historians from Mexico, Spain and Texas. This free event is set for Friday, January 18 at 7:00pm.

“I’m also 1st VP of Lone Star EMMY® Awards Chapter Board, and have the privilege of working over 25 years with professionals from across the country to determine the future direction of the television industry”, stated Allen Morris. “However Television has certainly changed. It is no longer that box sitting in the corner or our living rooms. Now it is part of the digital explosion through the Internet with programming accessed right on our smartphones”, exclaimed Morris. “Last year, a major Univision Television station from San Antonio aired TEXAS BEFORE THE ALAMO which is about the first 50 year Spanish colonial period from 1683 – 1733, a century before Texas became an independent Republic. After its broadcasts, TEXAS BEFORE THE ALAMO was nominated for Lone Star Emmy Awards. I want to impress the significance of such an honor, as the Emmy Awards is today recognized as one of the highest honors bestowed on the individuals who work in the television industry. The fact that these programs were nominated recognizes the significance of its subject matter, and also points out why our industry is an important outlet for disseminating information about the Spanish heritage we as Texans, and Mexicans share.”

Ten segments of this Film were broadcast on Univision 41 Television as a part of the San Antonio Tricentennial SA300 official media from March 5 through May 7, 2018. “Texas Before The Alamo” is a 2018 Lone Star EMMY® Awards Finalist that was directed by William E. Millet (from Dallas, Texas) and narrated by Jorge Nuñez (Univision 41, from Mexico City).

“Texas Before The Alamo” was an eight year production filmed in five countries that authenticates the true Spanish origins of “Texas” during its first 50 years 1683 – 1733. This includes the founding of “río de la Santísima Trinidad” in 1690 by governor Alonso de León and a description of Spanish entrada records following León’s discovery of Robert La Salle’s French colony of Fort Saint Louis. This name was later translated to Trinity River after annexation of Texas by the US government.

As described by Lucas Martínez Sánchez, Director of the Archives of Coahuila, Mexico, “It was during the second entry to the region of the Texas Indians in the summer of 1690, when governor Alonso de León discovered further to the north a valley he called de Galve by a river he named Río de la Santísima Trinidad”. This was extracted from the Crónica de Juan Bautista Chapa, official chronicler of governor León during the 1690 entry to Texas. “That location was on the same river, south of where the city of Dallas is located today”, stated Lucas Martínez.

Eduardo Aznar Campos, Consul General of Spain in Mexico City stated, “As clearly indicated by Spanish documents and maps located at the National Archives in Mexico City, the area of New Spain covered over one half of what is now known as the United States until 1821. This rivals the size and scope of British America that only lasted as such until 1768”, exclaimed Consul Campos. “We will be producing another premier of “Texas Before The Alamo” film in Mexico City on March 30 and then in Madrid, Spain on April 8.”

“It is our pleasure to support this “Texas Before The Alamo” project since 2011”, expressed Jo Ann Valentin (HOGAR Vice President). “This was a crucial initiative started by Jesús María Ramón (Senator of Coahuila, Mexico) and the Country of Spain. Even though historical preservation of the area known as “Little Mexico” in Dallas is important to the Latino community, the establishment of Texas by New Spain beginning in the 1680s remains a very important element of American history.”

Actress Teresa Champion was a positive component of the Texas Latino community in John Wayne’s “The Alamo” movie that was filmed in 1959 on a movie set constructed authentically at the Happy & Virginia Shahan ranch in Brackettville, Texas. “It was my husband Willie who auditioned on flamenco guitar for John Wayne’s movie, not me”, described Teresa Champion about her role in the movie. “Yet on the movie set around 4am, John Wayne selected me for the cantina dancing scene without having to audition. During the movie production I found out how sympathetic Wayne was to many thousands of Mexicans he hired from Coahuila, that his wives were from Mexico City and Peru, and that he started filming The Alamo movie in Sonora, Mexico. “Texas Before The Alamo” is now a clear indication of the important relationship that needs to continue between Mexico and Texas.”

Tereso Ortiz is a unique leader for the Mexican community in North Texas with the Casa Guanajuato Center in the Oak Cliff neighborhood. “I really appreciate the opportunity that Dallas and Fort Worth have been involved with since this Center opened its doors in 1994”, claimed Ortiz. “We appreciate the local businessmen who have contributed to the development of our programs and facilities, as well as the local DFW government and from Mexico regarding the orientation to constitute Casa Guanajuato as 501 (c) (3) organization. The media have committed to supporting the Community through Casa Guanajuato, as we will soon be celebrating our 25th anniversary. And we certainly look forward to the Film of our Spanish heritage via the EMMY Awards nominated “Texas Before The Alamo.”

“Clearly the historical relationship between Mexico and Texas should not be misunderstood or miscalculated”, stated Dr. Robert W. Shook (noted historian from Victoria, Texas). “It is well known that the US “cowboy” came from the vaquero and ranchero culture of New Spain that came to the area of New Mexico in 1598. And the first cattle drives were part of Capt. Domingo Ramon’s entrada to Texas in 1716 to establish missions, presidios and Spanish family ranches, not like the King Ranch that came along in 1853 after the battle of the Alamo”, exclaimed Dr. Shook.

The 8-hour “Texas Before The Alamo” Film Mini-Series, its Companion Book and a Spanish Baroque era music CD will be released worldwide on October 4, 2019 via Netflix International and Book Stores to benefit Sul Ross State University, Center for Big Bend Studies and HOGAR. This Release will occur in conjunction with HOGARs 40th annual Texas State Hispanic & Genealogical Conference at the Omni Dallas Hotel, Park West, 1590 LBJ Freeway on that same date. www.hogar40.org

Opening Presentations on January 18, prior to the Film, that will be coordinated by Jo Ann Valentin, Benjamin Espino and HOGAR Board, include:
Allen Morris (1st VP Lone Star EMMY ® Awards Board)
Miguel Ángel Mazarambroz (Ambassador of Spain r/t)
Alejandro de Avila (Marketing, Archivo General de la Nación – México City)
Jose Aguilar (Director, INAH Coahuila | Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia)
Lucas Martínez Sánchez (Director of the State Archives of Coahuila, Mexico)
Tereso Ortiz (Director, Casa Guanajuato in Dallas)
Jonathan Millet (Director, Art Department, Trinity Christian Academy)
Teresa Champion (Actress, dancer ”The Alamo” film with John Wayne)
Marcelo Villa (appearing with grupo Mariachi / descendant of Pancho Villa)
For more info contact:
Benjamin Espino 214.671.0050 benjamin.espino@dallascityhall.com
Jo Ann Valentin 469.323.0955 valentinjoann@yahoo.com
William E. Millet 972.365.3303 info@milletfilms.com
William Millet

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